July 9, 2010

Stop Motion Lego Shootout

When I was a kid, I was way into Lego.  I had tons and tons of Lego.  When I was a kid and I used to do commercials, when the cheques came in, I went out and bought some Lego.   There used to be a little toy story right at the top of our street, and my mom would take me up there, flush with cash, and I would head up to the Lego section, and I was allowed to buy one set.  A Tonka commercial got me my Police Station.  A French Oil of Olay spot earned me the Fire Station.   Between commercials, birthdays, Christmas and being a spoiled brat, I ended up amassing a massive collection of Lego that was soon transformed into a huge, sprawling Lego city in my parents basement.  I remember around Grade Six, I started dabbling in stop motion Lego movies with an old VHS camera.   Much like the example above, they were usually violent little escapades.  But that is where the similiarties end.  Mine would always start out good, but then I would get frustrated with how time consuming it was, and I would grow weary of the painstaking process and I would get sloppy, essentially trying to cut to the chase, and soon the wheels would fall off and it would get sloppy and rushed.   This one doesn't have those issues; it's fantastic.  Check it out.