July 29, 2010

This Is More Confusing Than The Movie

I didn't find Inception to be a terribly complicated movie.  I think the story telling was a little muddied by an unnecessary subplot about Leonardo DiCaprio's wife, but overall, I didn't find the flick to be overly confusing, which is one of the rare criticisms I've seen leveled at the film.  While I didn't find the movie difficult to follow, I do think it's a nearly impossible movie to explain.  Trying to explain the plot of Inception is sort of like trying to define irony.  You know the answer to the question, but you're not one hundred percent sure how to explain it.   Here's a good example of what I mean.  Check out  this "infographic" that explains what's going on in the movie.  I understand the movie, and I'm still confused by this.  In fact,  I find it to be more complicated then the film itself.  Go figure.