July 28, 2010

"Titanic 2" Trailer Arrives

Back in May I posted about the ridiculous upcoming film Titanic 2, which is the latest "knockbuster" from the schlockmeisters over at The Asylum, a production company who's bread and butter is making low-budget knock-offs of successful Hollywood movies.   They didn't bother making a knock-off of Titanic, but they've managed, years later, to find a different way to cash in on that movie.  Titanic 2, despite it's title, is not a sequel. What they mad geniuses at The Asylum did instead was make an original film about a ship that just so happens to be named 'Titanic 2,' which, of course is a pseudo-clever way to cash in on the one-time most successful films of all time with a cheapie movie that appears to be a sequel.   The story picks up one hundred years after the events of the original film with a new ship, christened 'Titanic 2' setting sail on the same route on the centennial anniversary of the doomed voyage.   What happens next is so utterly predictable and ridiculous that you just know this film will be so bad it's good.   And if you're not convinced the stunning acting talent they've assembled - Brooke Burns is in this! - will soon sway you.  Now, finally, the wait is over to see some footage from this craptacular film.

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