August 23, 2010

Mixed Feelings: Indy to Return?

Most movie nerds in my age group are often very reverential towards the Stars Wars films.  Not me.  I really enjoy those movies and they're definitely a part of my childhood, but for me, the Indiana Jones movies and the Back to the Future films are closer to my childhood cinematic Holy Grail.  I followed the decade long effort to get a fourth Indiana Jones movie to the screen then watched in horror when it was finally released and fell way, way short of expectations.   And now, it seems, a fifth movie is on the way despite my incredible affection for the series the damage done by the last movie leaves me with mixed feelings about another outing.   Shia LaBeouf - a large part of the problem in the last installment - revealed this past week that the fifth movie is being scripted right now.  "I got called into Steven's office and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool."  As much as I dislike LaBeouf - and I dislike him plenty - I might just take his word for it that the new script is "really cool" because he was quite candid in the past about how lousy Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull saying "I feel like we dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished."  He was right about that, I hope he's right about the fifth film having a good concept cause they owe it to us big time after the debacle that was the Crystal Skull.

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  1. You mean that you hope it's as awesome as the awesomeness that was Crystal Skull!