August 25, 2010

Self-Effacing Sly

I just caught Sylvester Stallone tonight on a re-run 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' from a couple of weeks back where he's promoting his latest, The Expendables, which I found really disappointing chiefly because it wasn't the campy, self-referential film I thought it was going to be and - its biggest sin - it just wasn't much fun.  This is particularly disappointing because it seems Stallone - who wrote and directed The Expendables - actually does seem to be funny and willing to make fun of himself.  Stallone impressed me recently with his self-effacing remarks in reference to the recently revealed early 80's plan by Paramount plan for a Stallone/Travolta pairing in Godfather Part III - was at it again while discussing on of his worst films ever: Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.  In response to an earlier joke about the film made by Kimmel, Stallone said this:  "As bad as that movie is... As horrible as it is for you..."  Stallone gestured to the audience for effect then added, wearily;  "I'm in it."   After the audience and Kimmel laughed, he continued: "I'm stuck in it.   This is like, whoa, "What a schmuck.  I am the schmuck."  This little throw-away comment on a talk show eighteen years after the films release is actually funnier then the anything in the movie itself.  Better late than never.

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