April 6, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Amazing Movie Trailer

Here we go again with another amazing movie trailer. CGI, for the most part, has not been a welcome addition to my movie going experience. For every CGI spectacle like Titantic, The Matrix or Avatar experience there's been a hell of a lot more Jar Jar Binks moments that just leave me cold. However, an amazing sub-genre seems to be surfacing that features laughably bad CGI effects that I seem to enjoy much more. After last weeks amazingly bad Birdemic, this movie actually looks good, but I defy anyone to watch this trailer and not laugh out loud at the effects used for these killer fish. The movie is called Mega Piranha, and if somehow that title hasn't already won you over, let me add this: It's written and directed by Eric Forsberg. Yes, the same Eric Forsberg who wrote and directed Sex Pot, about two stoners that find a stash of weed that makes women very horny. I kid you not, thats actually the plot synoposis for the movie as found on imdb.com. Forsberg also wrote the scripts for Snakes On A Train and War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave, the later directed by C. Thomas Howell. Talk about pedigree!

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