May 26, 2010

(500) Days Of Summer: The Thriller

(500) Days of Summer was an excellent deconstructionist romantic comedy.  The movie had an excellent script, solid direction from Marc Webb and charismatic performances from Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The couple breaking up is a large part of the story but the movie is in no way a doom and gloom story.  The movie is so peppy that Gordon-Levitt has a Hall & Oates song and dance number.  The trailer above, however, presents a very different tone as the movie is reinvented as a dark thriller. In this trailer, the breakup sends Gordon-Levitt's character into a funk that soon sees him spiraling into the darkness and stalking Deschanel.   I've always enjoyed these trailer re-cuts, my favorite being the brilliant Shining redux that turned it into a heart warming story about family.

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