May 28, 2010

What A Dumbass

Last week, shortly after the news that Megan Fox wouldn't be returning to Transformers 3,  professional bimbo and plastic surgery cautionary tale Heidi Montag 'tweeted' to uber-hack director Michael Bay about what a genius he was and then she urged him to cast her in his new robo-turd movie.   Now we have her "audition" video (someone she explain to her that an audition is not something you do unsolicited) and it's equal parts sad and craptastic.  /Film dismissed the clip saying "Something tells me that how an actress looks firing a gun plays very little in Bay's casting decisions."   I couldn't disagree more.   The best thing about this pathetic thing is that she's not doing this to mock Bay, she legitimately thinks; based on his shitty movies and empty-headed female characters, that this is a proper way to audition for one of his films.

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